Will O2 UK Supply Free iPhone 4 Bumpers?

Earlier on today we let you know about O2’s response to the Apple Conference that was held yesterday and that they will be giving you another update July 19, well we have a little question.

O2 has mentioned that customers should not go into its stores or call customer services at the moment and please wait patiently for the webpage update on July 19, many O2 iPhone 4 customers will have many questions about refunds, free bumper cases etc.

At the moment we do know that Apple will be giving out free bumpers to iPhone 4 users, if you already own the bumper case then a full refund will be released to you.

We are wondering if O2 will give this service or will it have to be done direct with Apple, so what do you think “Will O2 UK Supply Free iPhone 4 Bumpers?”

UPDATEO2 UK iPhone 4 Update: Bumpers and Case Program


10 thoughts on “Will O2 UK Supply Free iPhone 4 Bumpers?”

  1. Mo says:

    I went into an O2 shop today to talk over what is going on about this iphone 4 thing but was told that O2 only provide the network side of things and as such will not allow anyone out on a contract because of this.

    They don’t seem to want too much to do with it all and are just happy to keep on taking our money for something that many cant make much use of.

    Maybe the UK’s best network for mobile phones is just not as committed to its customers as Apple is to its?

    1. TkBall says:

      "Maybe the UK's best network for mobile phones is just not as committed to its customers as Apple is to its?"

      Pardon. I thought this was a fault with Apple's device, made by Apple, and it Apple that are not acknowledging the fault.

      1. TheUKDave says:

        Whilst what you say holds truth, in the UK, the ultimate responsibility for a device's satisfactory performance lies with the retailer, not the manufacturer. If something does is faulty, the consumer should go back to the point of sale to sort it out. Check the "Sales of Goods Act".

        Of course many people would have bought their iPhones from an Apple store (which makes the retailer and manufacturer one in the same), but either way, it's the responsibility of where you bought it from to manage refunds/repair/etc. So if you bought it from O2, it's O2's problem.

        Further, O2 do all of their acceptance testing before releasing a phone, which is why phones like the HTC Desire hit O2 much later than other networks, apparently O2 have quite a stringent QA process. So in theory, had they been strict enough with their testing of the iPhone 4, then they probably would have spotted the issue themselves, and said to Apple, "Look, we can't stock this phone, it's faulty, we'll just get customers asking for refunds, and that'll cost us a fortune". But like every other network – and most consumers – they just lapped up the next gloried handset without a second thought. And now we all stand to be stung.

  2. john taylor says:

    they are not issueing free BUMPERS! They will be issueing free cases. obviously cheaper ones to supply than the bumpers. please reread the press conference transcrip before reporting misleading facts. 🙂

  3. Tony says:

    What is wrong with you people? I have had iPhone 4 since it came out with no problem. I can MAKE the signal go down if I hold it like a complete @&£; but why would I? All the apple haters who are also the same people who buy out of date supermarket bargains a) don’t know what they are taking about and are loving a chance to have a dig and b) don’t know what they are missing. Stop winging nothing in life is perfect, the 4 is still by far the best smartphone on the planet.

  4. davey says:

    I agree with what UKDave had to say, with one small difference.
    The retailer in the UK is responsible for the handset if supplied as part of a contract, but not under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Your legal rights as a consumer are under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 where goods are provided as part of a service ( ie the contract )
    The manufacturer is only responsible for a warranty where one is supplied, and is legally bound by any terms & conditions within said warranty.

  5. harv says:

    i have had my iphone 4 since the week end and think it is great i have better recepyion than ive ever had so stop all your moaning and get on with your life

  6. gaza says:

    hv to agree wiv ya my iphones great no props all the moaners need to get a life