iPhone 4 DSLR Video Sample

There have been many mods in the past of the iPhone camera to give the device an SLR lens, most have been awkward, unsightly and just wrong, but there now seems to be a solution to this much sought after addition to the iPhone camera.

According to an article over on Engadget by Donald Melanson, a rather not quite perfect mod of the Bubo iPhone mount from OWLE by a guy called Jeremy Salvador has turned into a joint venture between OWLE and Vid-Atlantic to deliver a prototype of an iPhone 4 friendly mount with SLR attachment.

Apparently the results are quite impressive and so you can see what this prototype is capable of we have a short video sample of what can be accomplished, although apparently an iPhone 4 version of the device will not become available for a while.

So all that remains is for you to head on down, mash the play button and check out the iPhone 4 DSLR video sample for yourselves and see what you think…enjoy.


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    Figure1 says:

    Did you jokers really put a flash video up on an entry about the iPhone? How amazingly lame are you?

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