iPhone 4 White in Japan and Unboxed Already!

Now we know when we are likely to se the new iPhone 4 sporting its white coat as Steve Jobs has said the white iPhone 4 will ship at the end of this month. However it appears that the white version has already been seen and unboxed over in Japan.

Well at least one white iPhone 4 has somehow turned up in Japan according to an article over on Technobuffalo. Japanese website Impress Watch managed to get hold of the white iPhone 4 in its box including its accessories and set about unboxing the device.

The only difference between the white iPhone 4 and black version is the colour, and the box is virtually identical with the only difference being what you see on the front which is probably why some thought the iPhone 4 white was in stock on iPhone 4 launch day.

There is an abundance of images of the white iPhone 4 to be found on the Japanese website, so if you fancy having a gander to tide you over until the iPhone 4 white actually becomes available then hit up Impress Watch and enjoy.


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      ninagosaimas says:

      This has been way predicted even before the press con of Apple last week.

      Your best bet? If the launch will be as late as 2011, Reports will flow that 'White iPhone 4, don't have the antenna gate issue". Details: http://2su.de/1cE

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