Lava B2 and B5 Budget Phones Available in India

The budget mobile phone seems to be taking off well over in India and the country now has another two budget handsets to play with in the form of the Lava B2 and Lava B5 which are apparently available with QWERTY or Alpha keypads.

According to an article over on Techie-buzz, the QWERTY keyboard doesn’t offer any particular advantage over the Alpha keyboard but most are used to the QWERTY layout; however apparently Lava believes that the Alpha keyboard will suit people who have never used a computer as its layout is alphabetical.

Spec wise the Lava B2 and B5 both offer a 2.2 TFT display, FM radio, Bluetooth, and dual SIM support while the Lava B2 also offers dual memory card support, mobile tracker and LED tourch and 1800mAh battery.

The Lava B5 is the higher end budget device which also offers a 2 megapixel camera, Opera Mini and Nimbuzz apps, and for some reason has a less powerful battery than the B2 at 1400mAh.

Price and availability wise both are available across India right now and the Lava B2 commands a price tag of Rs. 3,999 while the Lava B5 commands Rs. 4,399 and both come with a free 2GB memory card in the box.

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