HTC Droid Incredible Battery: Extra Capacity 1500mAh

If you own the HTC Droid Incredible and the standard battery it comes with does not provide you with enough power then read on as we have an answer for you.

HTCPedia is offering the HTC Extra Capacity Battery for only $49.99 and in either black or red, this is a backup battery that offers 200mAh extra power than the standard one that comes with the HTC Incredible handset.

It is the same size as the standard battery, which means you do not need an extra battery cover, basically the same battery but with an extra 200mAh.

Please let us know if you have already purchased one of these batteries for your Incredible smartphone as we and of course our readers would love to know if it is worth the buy.


One thought on “HTC Droid Incredible Battery: Extra Capacity 1500mAh”

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    Brandon says:

    Do NOT buy this battery unless you want your back cover to not fully attach. I read many articles like this and bought one. Much to my disapointment the back cover does shut but not all th way. I would highly recommend NOT buying this battery.

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