iPhone 4 Accessory: InvisibleShield Bumper Alternative: Video

Now although Apple is generously offering a free Bumper case to every iPhone 4 user to solve the iPhone 4 antenna issue, some may not want to have a Bumper over their sleek new device and would prefer not to change the look of the smartphone.

Well what we have for you today is an alternative solution to the iPhone 4 antenna issue that doesn’t require the user covering their device with a unsightly surround. Enter the InvisibleShield from Zagg, which is basically an invisible band-aid type sticker to cover the gap in the iPhone 4 antenna and seems to do the job well.

The InvisibleShield looks like a solution that will enable the user to keep their iPhone 4 in the design it was mean to be unhindered by a bulky surrounding case, which no doubt some wouldn’t mind handing over a few bucks for.

We have a video demo of Zagg’s InvisibleShield for the iPhone 4 for your consideration below courtesy of the guys over at Technobuffalo, so check it out before finalising your options…enjoy.

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