New PayLo Prepaid Plan Launched by Virgin Mobile USA

Looks like Virgin Mobile wants to grab a chunk of the prepaid market and thus has launched PayLo, and new prepaid plan that comes from Virgin Mobile in two variants, which are 400 minutes a month, or 90 days of basic service.

According to Dusan Belic over at Intomobile by way of an article over on Phonescoop , the 400 minute a month option costs 5 cents a minute while the 90 day option costs 20 cents a minute. Furthermoreboth plan options cost $20 a month with text costing 15 cents and picture messages costing 25 cents while data is charged at $1.50 a megabyte a day.

Apparently Virgin Mobile is to offer low end mobile phones starting at $10 to go along with the new PayLo plan which will include the Samsung M340, Kyocera TNT, LG 101, LG Flare and Kyocera Jax.

Basically the new PayLo plan from Virgin Mobile USA is for the first time mobile phone purchasers that don’t really want all the high end tech offered by today’s smartphones.


2 thoughts on “New PayLo Prepaid Plan Launched by Virgin Mobile USA”

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    Jeannette says:

    I have beyond talk with virgin mobile but i'm thinking about changeing over to the paylo $30 1500 minutes deal. I was wondering if any one had a comment on that plan? Is it wroth the time and money?

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      WPN says:

      Hi Jeannette,

      I currently have the $30 paylo plan, and I could not be happier! 1500 minutes and 500 texts is a great deal for $30. However, I would not recommend switching to this plan if you plan on e-mailing or browsing the web.

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