iPhone 4 Officially Releases on Bell July 30th

Not wanting to be left behind in the iPhone 4 Canadian stakes, Canada’s Bell has now joined Telus and has posted to their website that the iPhone 4 will be released as of the 30th of this month.

According to the Boy Genius Report, Bell customers just like Telus customers, now have the opportunity to sign up for the latest news on Apple’s latest technological marvel and no doubt will come with free bumper case to allay any more gripes over the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Of course if you are not one for registering online then you can always park your butt outside your nearest retail store perhaps a day or two earlier or maybe just stroll down there on the day depending on the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 in Canada.

Of course there’s always a chance some Canadians don’t want the iPhone 4 after all the hoo-har over the reception issues. So any of our Canadian readers going to rush out and purchase or has the iPhone 4 reception issue put you off?


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    Randy says:

    Absolutely I'm going to, the iphone is by and away the best phone on the market. Is it a reception issue or just a matter of people not knowing how to use a phone.

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