Droid X Dock Review: HDMI Multimedia Desktop Charger

Many of you may have the Motorola Droid X and it seems the Droid X Dock is very popular indeed and this is why we thought we would ask all consumers to send in their personal reviews.

If you visit Verizon Wireless you will see that the Droid X Dock aka HDMI Multimedia Desktop Charger can be yours for $49.99, thought we would et you know this just in case you do not own this Droid X accessory yet.

The HDMI Multimedia Desktop Charger will allow you to dock your Motorola Droid X in landscape, listen to music, what HD videos and photos using a standard HDMI cable.

If you own this Droid X Dock please do send us your personal reviews and opinions in the comments area provided below, we would love to know if this is a good buy or not.


8 thoughts on “Droid X Dock Review: HDMI Multimedia Desktop Charger”

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    Periwinklegirl says:

    I got the Droid X the day it came out. I LOVE this phone! I am a teacher and am working on an administrative degree and need something to keep me organized. I already used Google calendars, and think it's great how they sync with my phone. My son has a Droid, and helps me with all the different widgets and apps available. I love the size of the screen, and although it's definitely bigger than my previous phone, I can still stick it in my pocket. I bought a leather case (with a little bling on it) and am set to go. I can't believe how easily my music transferred from my PC to my Droid X. And, the sound is great. I am very pleased with my purchase. 🙂

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    martha says:

    I've had an interesting situation when connecting to the dock (I have two, one at work, one at home). One of the docks seems to lock up the time function of the phone. The dock widget displays the time correctly, but not the clock on the upper corner of the phone. In fact, it's caused the alarm to NOT trigger for three days in a row until I noticed the discrepancy. It seems the dock limits the phone's antenna. I have no problems with the clocks syncing on my other dock at work.

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    Humphrey says:

    it works great. i just wish there was an eject button so that it'd be a bit easier to undock since the combo of the HDMI and micro-usb male plug make the DroidX pretty snugly docked. Note too that if you dock and you're having a hard time seeing the alarm clock, hit the high/low "contrast" icon to un dim it. It took a little experimentation to deal with that but otherwise it works and looks great. On the phone antenna comment, this looks like the antenna attenuation issue that Apple is experiencing with their iPhone 4 though in this case instead of holding it the wrong way, there's lots of extra plastic and a tall metal bar (by design) that appear to be reducing the signal.

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    Joel Maier says:

    does not work with standard silicone cover. One needs to drill out plastic to get it to fit. So unless you are handy with tools and delicately reshaping the dock and you use a silicone cover, skip it.

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