Samsung Epic vs. HTC Evo: Sprint 4G Comparisons

Samsung Epic vs. HTC Evo, two phones capable of 4G speeds should be put side-by-side to see what one turns out to be on top.

Sprint will indeed be releasing its new Samsung Galaxy S Pro aka Samsung Epic 4G and we was wondering how it stacks up to the HTC EVO 4G, thanks to Sefanboy they have put together a little comparison.

The Samsung Epic 4G features a 5-megapixel camera, Android 2.1 Éclair, 1GHz processor, VGA video call front-facing camera and an AMOLED display screen. Below we will mention about the display, camera, keyboard, processor, video chat, streaming and a few other bits.

The HTC EVO 4G features a 4.3-inch screen, which is bigger than the 4-inch super AMOLED screen found on the Epic 4G. The EVO 4G has an 8-megapixel camera with flash supported and front-facing camera; the Epic 4G has a 5MP camera and VGA video call camera on the front.

The EVO 4G does not have a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, whereas the Epic 4G does. The EVO and Epic both feature the 1GHz processor and again both smartphones feature video call capabilities.

The Epic 4G has DLNA support, which is cool for sharing digital photos, video and music, the EVO 4G can share media streaming via HDMI. The EVO 4G does not have DLNA support and this means the Epic 4G will soon carry Movie Store feature.

The EVO and Epic both feature Android 2.1 Éclair, hotspot capabilities are features on both handsets, and both phones have the 1500mAH battery capacity.

After reading the above we would love for you to come forward and let us now what phone is best suited for you, is the Samsung Epic 4G better than the HTC EVO 4G on the grand scale of things?


22 thoughts on “Samsung Epic vs. HTC Evo: Sprint 4G Comparisons”

  1. Great to hear that Samsung is finally on the table with this new phone and the plus it also has the qwerty keyboard. The one thing that all smartphones should have–thats my opinion. As far as supply, can Samsung supply the masses? Can Samsung make enough phones so I wont be on a waiting list—->>>>>and why is the HTC EVO in short supply—-reason maybe not enough parts??? who knows…..
    Also why does Sprint upgrade price more on smartphones??? I have notice that when I went to radioshack and looked at the phones……

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      Appauled says:

      sumsung is the maker of several parts that the evo has and the reason you cant get your EvO is because sumsung is holding back on those parts!! as not to interfear with the release of there epic!! the fact is they didnt expect the EVO to be so popular at least not for this long, and when it was, Samsung made the choice to use those parts for "they're phone" the Epic instead of honoring there contracts or the over all demand of consumers like you and I!! Nope instead they caused sales of the EvO the only real Compition they're phone would have came to a stand still!!! Then on tues day they will flood the the market whith they're phone {Built with the Parts They Didn't have this whole time!!} "the epic" and fill the demand that they created!!! and taking advantage of all the SprintPcs customers and Making a Killing on all the Sprint Customers that have been waiting to use there New Phone UPGRADES on the EvO which will still be heald in short supply untill Sumsung is saticfied with they're profit margins!!!

          1. Steve P says:

            Actually, Drew, the word "grammar", as used in your post, should have parentheses. 🙂

      1. Reply
        JRC says:

        How can anyone take you seriously if you can't even spell correctly? You do realize it is a competitive industry and I'm sure if there is any malfeasance HTC will pursue remedies.

    2. Reply
      Appauled says:

      and yes I have confimed this with several sprint reprisentitives and like me it makes them Sick the at the lack of ethics and consumer consideration By Samsung and they're missuse and betrayal of HTC and the Consumers Trust!! and both myself my the the corporation I own and the Corporations that carry our contracts won't have anything to do with samsung or the Epic in any way!! But im just a consumer dooped just like you, so I incurage you to see for yourselfs, ask questions do the research and then you decide if you're willing to perticipate in this rediculas Moral and Ethical Quagmire!!! Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

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    zach says:

    the htc evo is better than the samsung epic because the htc evo has a bigger screen & higher megapixel camera than the samsung epic

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      Jon says:

      So I guess you'd rather have bigger screen rather than performance? The galaxy S phones (epic) hummingbird processor has been said to be better than the evo's snapdragon.

      1. Reply
        Berrii says:

        Just because it SAYS that there is a faster processor doesn't mean that it is true. I currently own a Samsung Epic and an HTC EVO. The EVO is much better and there is not a noticeable difference in performance between the two.

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          Steve P says:

          Actually, pretty much all structured benchmark tests point to the Epic having the better speed/performance. As for cameras…5 and 8 megapixel on a camera phone have little, if any, bearing on the quality of the results. The difference will be told with the sensor. Most likely both will serve as extremely comparable cell phone image acquisition devices. And, lastly, bigger screen isn't always better. How about color depth, black level, screen brightness, performance in outdoor settings? Overall, I would go with the Epic, despite the nonsensical rantings regarding "morals and ethics", although I do like the HDMI capabilities of the EVO without having to purchase an adapter to do the same, as is the case with the Epic. Still, Epic wins by a hair for a multitude of reasons, although each of us has our priorities and, depending on those priorities, Evo might win for the next person. Can't really go wrong with either.

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    Evouser1000 says:

    Said to be better, "heresay" its the same type of processor speed. Evo's much better, bigger screen.
    And for me specifically, no QWERTY keyboard please, thats extra chunk in my pants, I'm already having trouble keeping my chunk nice and discreet, lol. The surface on the Evo is so much sleeker and sexier too. EVO for the win! No contest on this.

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    mark says:

    my concern is the batery does the 4" epic have a better battery experience than the Evo this is crucial more than the screen size.

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    DueLer says:

    the Epic is waay more epic than the evo. i mean, that screen is the same screen samsung uses on their HD TV's. that means you can be in the sun light and the screen is still visible.


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      RickRolledRedNeck says:

      lol, u dont know what ur saying.. the amoled screen on samsung makes it hard to see whats on the screen when ur in a place with lights around! im just saying..

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    candycash says:

    the resolution on the screen is reportedly better on the Epic. Also no battery issues like the EVO. QWERTY keyboard for me please! Also….according to the Sprint info, they are the same price. Sprint is currently out of stock in many places and admitted the EVO demand had dropped, so they have slowed production. Something to wait and see if the Epic can deliver.

  7. First of all……the evo's screen is bigger not better. The AMOLED screen looks much clearer than the 4.3 in screen of the Evo. As far as the camera…yes the Evo seems like better spec wise but in the truth is the Epic is equipped with much better sensors which allow for much better picture quality than the EVO. The Epic will get estimated about 20% more battery life with its AMOLED screen. The Epic runs a little faster with its Hummingbird processor. Only thing I am worried about in the EPIC is that 1) hard to tell the quality and durability (I have heard its good). 2) Samsungs terrible at updates (they say that they will come out with the Froyoo version within a few weeks of release). I've looked at these phones very carefully and it seems like from reviews the Epic is a close winner in the battle between the two ultimate phones of today.

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      Donnie says:

      Also the Epic will not have 4G capablilty untill November at the earliest, posibly not untill into 2011 sometime. If Apps are important, The Evo has more built in Sprint Exclusive Features than the Epic. Both phones will be in high demand. The demand is greater than can be supplied by Sprint. But it's not Sprints Fault They make the Only 4G and greates Phone in America.

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    Sheldon says:

    Ye They both are awesome phones, I've handled the Epic and own the EVO, I admit I love the Sprint version over the others from ATT, Verison and Tmobile.
    The Epic is very responsive and is blazing fast, the Evo has definitely been sped up with the 2.2 release, but I'd say the Epic is on par speed wise running 2.1 easily.
    That said, when 2.2 gets pushed, this thing should fly.
    I think the EVO is more than fast/powerful enough for my uses, so I wouldn't really have use for the extra performance the hummingbird GPU pushes out for the uses I have for my phone.
    When comparing my EVO to the original Tmobile release, I felt my phone was more of a jack of all trades where the Samsung Vibrant was more of the "pretty boy" or cool toy to have.
    With the addition of the EVO's extras (front cam and 4g) if I had to do it all again, it would really be a tough choice on which phone I'd put my money down on.
    The 8Mega pixel camera is great but in all honesty 5 is more than enough and will give some superb pictures.

    As much as I love my EVO, the Epic at end of day may just have won the battle with its awesome slide out keyboard though, either way I think its going to come down to which one is better suited for you rather than which one is the better phone.

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    Pedro says:

    If you have both phones handy, run a flip coin screen saver and you will see how much faster the Epic is in comparison to the Evo…

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