iPhone upload speed issues to be fixed by AT&T

Apparently AT&T are preparing for some network enhancements in order to fix the issues surrounding those affected by the upload speeds of its iPhone users.

Also those users sending data from laptop modems will see an improvement. A recent article by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com states that the fix will be rolled out in the next few weeks. The carrier have also noted that the iPhone 4 is the only device which is on its airwaves and uses HSUPA.

The patch is going to be deployed on a phased basis over the next two or three weeks according to AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel. Earlier this month it was announced that the wireless operator was working with Alcatel Lucent for delivering the fix for this issue which is supposedly only affecting 2% of its users.

At the launch both AT&T and Apple had a range of issues with customers orders, and even experienced problems relating to privacy issues , then followed reception problems and then issues in relation to the way it displayed signal bars. Having said that it would seem that even those of you that have been affected by these issues are still happy with your devices.

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