Starcraft 2 Release Countdown, Video Game and Guide Apps

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty release date has been set for just passed midnight at 00.01 tonight, so whilst you wait we thought you would love some Apple iPhone apps to keep you occupied.

First up is ‘A Starcraft 2 Video Game Fan Club’; this is a very simple tribute app for fans to Starcraft 2. For more information please visit iTunes

Next up is ‘StarCraft 2 Guide’ Version 1.1, this app has had an update and now includes: GUI Updated, Unit stats updated to latest beta build, More detailed unit stats such as resource cost, build time and hotkeys and Various bug fixes. This is one of the first StarCraft 2 guides to hit the App Store where version 1 features abilities, statistics, strengths and weaknesses of the various units for each race, plus so much more. More updates will come as soon as SC2 is released tonight. For more information please visit iTunes.

Next is ‘StarCraft 2 Countdown’, this app is just a countdown to the games release date; it will keep you updated on the second. Great for knowing when SC2 launches, background picture can be changed, one for each race and Touch the screen and get preview information about the game, more will be added as additional information is released. Visit iTunes for more info

If you have anything at all you wish to chat about Starcraft 2 please do so below in the comments area provided.

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