Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Update: PC Companion Review and Problems

The latest Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 software update is called ‘PC Companion 2.0’ and has been out a while now and we are calling out to all X10 handset users who have downloaded to let us know what you think.

The PC Companion is a simple software update that acts as a portal to Sony Ericsson and operator features and applications, online user service connections, support and user guides and you can download and add more applications when made available by Sony Ericsson or the operator.

If you have not downloaded this software yet we thought we should let you know that you will need: Internet broadband connection, 500 MB free hard disk space, Intel Pentium 4, 3.6 GHz or equivalent AMD processor, 2 GB RAM, 1 available USB 2.0 port and USB cable and Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (32 bit), Vista (32/64 bit) or Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

For more information about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 software update please visit the official Sony Ericsson website, scroll down below if you have already downloaded this software and let us know how you are getting along and of course if you have any problems at all we would love to know about them.


15 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Update: PC Companion Review and Problems”

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    logan says:

    great review. love my x10. my wife just bought us 2 for our anniversary and we are so wrapped up in these. so far this year, these are my favorite unlocked 3g phones. they are practical, easy to use, the touch screen is really responsive and the games keep us busy on long trips. much better than our old unlocked htc phones. the email and gps are great for helping me get around and keep in touch with my clients. when i first got these i thought they would just be fun to play with but they are perfect for my company too. our daughter loves her unlocked android phones for the facebook and the apps, she is on her phone almost all day and is just obsessed with them too. the camera is great for her taking pictures of her and her friends, also my wife likes the recorder for all the concerts she goes too. we also got our phone unlock codes and blackberry unlock codes for free too so that was cool. the battery life is long enough to last me all day too which is cool and the speaker phone is loud enough to hear when im driving. the web surfing helps me run my fantasy football team too. got our last couple unlocked new phones at gsmallover.com 2 thumbs way up

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    Andy says:

    almost all of my mp3 files got ruined after I installed PC Companion. These were original files that i copied from my own cd's, and after I installed this somehow I cant play them. It says that windows media player does'nt recognice them anymore. (also tried with vlc player and a bunch of other programs) Has anyone else had this problem? Love the phone exept for this, it's going to take me ages to get all of my songs back on my computer, and its got me a bit furious…

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    Diego says:

    i cant use the application to transfer photos and music to my phone, all others are ok but i cant transfer anything dunno why, help 🙁

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      Justin Cooke says:

      Same problem here – My X10 will not connect to PC using PC Companion or the Update software I keep getting “device not recognised” as an error. Surely connecting to a PC should be a simple process but not with Sony Ericsson its a nightmare!

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    LLOYDE says:


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    fARAH says:

    my x10a charges up too 56 percent then droped to no battery life while on charge and now does not switch on

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    Frustrated says:

    hey i have a Xperia X10 mini i got it recently and everything seems to work fine except wen i tried to install PC companion , i plugged my fone into the computer via the usb cable , i then clicked install PC companion on my fone and it did intall on my PC however when i click on "Media go new" it comes up with "This application could not be installed please try again later" ive tried it several times and still no change! i really want to download new songs onto my phone but can not as this problem keeps reoccuring, if anyone out there knows how i can solve this problem pleeeease help me it will be very much appreciated !

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      Vani says:

       hi i installed this software today n had same prob like me, but error came try again that i felt frustrated, but now at night its working. i think there must be server prob so try again i am sure it will work…

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    Anissa Azura says:

    my pc suite has automatically upgraded to pc companion. and now I can find all my message archives at pc companion. heeeelp. I really don't know what happened at what I should do

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    grin says:

    My PC Companion Software Update isn't working, even though I've tried a couple of times, following the instructions every time. Anyone else got this problem?

  9. hi im trying to update my sonyerricson xperia x10 but the pc companion goes though the set up and when it comes to upate it dont work i go though the steps turn the phone off etc but still is not working please help

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