HTC Sync Download 3.0 for Wildfire Reviews and Problems

The HTC Sync Download 3.0 for the HTC Wildfire has been out for a while now and we are calling out to all our readers to send in their personal reviews and of course to let us know if you have encountered any problems at all.

The HTC Sync 3.0 is only compatible with HTC Wildfire smartphone and we thought we would ask you for your personal opinions on what you think, we want to know if the sync worked well for you, did it run smoothly, how long did it take etc.

The HTC Sync will synchronize Outlook contacts and calendar or Outlook Express contacts and the bookmarks of web browser between your computer and your phone, it will also install third-party Android applications on the HTC Wildfire and much more.

If you have any tips please do share them, now please scroll down below to our comments area and send in you’re reviews and problems (If Any) covering the HTC Sync Download 3.0 for the HTC Wildfire, we would also like to know what you think of the HTC Wildfire smartphone itself, which you can submit your reviews and problems here.

If you have not downloaded the new HTC Wildfire 3.0 Sync please read the full instructions via HTC.com


32 thoughts on “HTC Sync Download 3.0 for Wildfire Reviews and Problems”

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    darkspark88 says:

    DO NOT install the HTC Sync 3.0 software for the Wildfire. Firstly, it is very hit and miss whether your computer will detect the phone despite following all the instructions. My phone had problems installing the Sync driver onto the phone itself.

    I didn't believe the software is as bad as people have made out on support forums, but it really is atrocious. When my phone is (rarely) detected, it can take over a minute from selecting "HTC SYNC" on my phone to actually entering the application.

    It is quicker and easier to simply transfer items onto and off the microsd memory card through "removable disk" mode.

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      Geoff says:

      I also think it is a piece of you know what. No matter what you do including de-installing and re-installing it absolutely will not see the phone and vice versa. I am using XP Sp3. I have never had the phone see the computer and vice versa. I'd be interested if anyone knows why and how to fix it!

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    Peter Woods says:

    Wildfire Sync does not work well, does not include Outlook Tasks. Decided to to return phone as crucial to sync Outlook for critical business purpose. Gone back to Win Smartphone. Slower but it works !!

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    phvos says:

    sync does not recognize my wildfire at all. installed sync 3.0, drivers, etc. but nothing…'
    I've got win7 ultimate and office 2007 installed.

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      bhavesh says:

      Go to Settings > Applications> devlopment > select USb debugging …….reconnect . Should work …Worked for me

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        Shoaib says:

        my wildfire not connected, but after your advise, my mobile shows message for acceptance, but not connected, please further advise

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    Terry says:

    Slow and unreliable Suspicious that some data has been lost from outlook and had to re-enter manually. Can't see a way of updating outlook from data entered on phone . Does run faster if I turn off sync for everything except outlook. Also seems to duplicate then link some people with same identical name.
    Looking for something better than HTC sync that performs as well if not better than MS Activesync that I used on my old pda.

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    Epko says:

    Syncing with Outlook. The syncing is unacceptable slow. I cannot access anymore Calendar and People sync options (on / off). It does not sync Tasks and Notes. (in combination with the very poor battery performance the Wildfire is useless as business phone. Want to go back to Nokia E series

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    schmandroid says:

    Horribly slow to find phone, then you have to manually select each to category to sync. Sync contacts, done. Then click sync calendar, done. Then click sync documents, done. Then click sync media, done. WTF?!
    Why not let us check or uncheck each category, the sync all them at once?
    And it doesn't offer what 2.0 version did, which is letting us chose to automatically sync each time we're connected.
    It's pretty, but useless; the thing almost looks like it was designed by some malware team.

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    dean says:

    This syncing buissness with the wildfire is absolute shite. I cannot believe some people can get it work ok,
    why carnt they just give u a card or disk u can load on youre pc.

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    dean says:

    Again i have tried all solutions that people have suggested on these forums and still nothing,
    i have never experianced such problems with any other phone software and id think htc need to come up with something a lot better. so pissed off because i thought this was going to be a decent phone but if you read this dont bother buying.

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    hollie says:

    I have all the same problems. The phone doesn't recognise the PC and vice-verse even though its all installed correctly and plugged in. Have tried all obvious solutions like firewall and anti virus disablement, un-installing and re-installing etc but nothing works. Have had three people take a look at this and the only solution is to return the phone or put up with no sync.
    would not recommend to anyone who wants a "smart phone"

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    Binu Mathew says:

    It worked…

    Dear All, I bought new Wildfire and tried to connect to PC using HTC Sync. Nothing worked initially. When I searched, I got stuck in this forum. But I found another one xperiaandroid.com/download-htc-sync-for-htc-wildfire.html (add http in front of the above url)

    The step is explained there. Follow the instructions and it worked. I had 220 contacts and got transferred in 2 minutes from PC. It is true that the CPU was used 100% for 20+ seconds, but the PC didn't hang up.

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    S.Munir says:

    How in the world can a company being out a sync software that does not work. Someone need to stack the blood developers because they know nothing. I have tried on a xp pc and win7 pc no joy with software seeing the hardware. Calling all OpenSource Developers can you fix the bugs or comeup with a program that works?

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    Christopher says:

    it won't sync from phone to computer. it will quite happily do it the other way round, but if you're out and about and put it on the phone, it won't transfer across!! dumb thing.

    in regards to finding the phone from the computer, the biggest culprit was fujifilm finepix which took control as it read "photos, wahey". when i figured this out, it now works beautifully. (apart from above.) i had a friend with the same issue and did as i suggested and it worked fine for him. NOT htc to blame (this time.) 🙂

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    Jane says:

    Where can i get instructions on how to use the HTC wildfire, I can't even delete messages.

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    Mark says:

    Syncs from Outlook to phone but not phone to Outlook. Would like an easy way to choose what to sync when I connect.

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    Phil says:

    HTC Synce is the biggest pile of dog droppings it has ever been my displeasure to use 🙁 I have had my Wildfire for 5 months now and can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have managed to sync it without somekind of problems. Even when the software realises that there is a phone attached it is more likely to give up syncing half-way thru…at least when I sync my iPod to iTunes I know it is going to work. So when my contract is up, its iPhone for me

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    Graeme says:

    At my company we have a lot of these phones… We have constant problems, can't answer calls with the stroke down on the screen, delay while dialing, failure to dial… makes a good alarm clock and torch but lousy phone… DONT BUY!!

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    Andre says:

    Cannot manage to connect for sync purposes to my laptop. Hit and miss. Sometimes it works to reboot laptop but for the rest it just doesn’t pick up the software on the computer. If it doesn’t improve or is rectified by updated software or drivers then the sync solution is actually useless and the phone becomes a toy rather than a tool.

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    Tom says:

    I have reasonable succes in connecting my Wildfire to my PC via HTC Sync…the only problem at this stage that I can see is that all the options to sync are available except the 2 that I wish to use…Calendar & People which are greyed out and I cannot select to turn them on…Am I missing something here ?
    Plese help…getting frustrated

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    Taz says:

    having the same problem myself tom, wont calendar and people cant be activated and havent found a solution yet

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    Anonymous says:

    I just bought a brand new Wildfire S, but the HTC Sync on it doesn’t work. I don’t get a “device setup screen” or a “device panel”, so I can’t sync anything. If anyone can tell me why this is happening I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

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    Anonymous says:

    I just bought a brand new Wildfire S, but the HTC Sync on it doesn’t work. I don’t get a “device setup screen” or a “device panel”, so I can’t sync anything. If anyone can tell me why this is happening I’d be very grateful. Thanks.

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    KittyKat says:

    Sync doesn’t work, I connected my Phone to my PC and when I opened my HTC sync it said ‘Please connect your device’ But I already had done that and it had a Red x on the Sync, any one else got the same problem?

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