iPhone 4 Old School: Next-Generation Liquid-Metal Morph Technology

The Apple iPhone 4 is a very good smartphone that has many features to excite like great camera with LED flash, zoom, HD video recording and of course FaceTime, but the design is still primitive.

Well not for much longer if all goes according to plan because according to iPhone Download Blog Apple is very interested in Liquid Metal; you know like the man in Terminator 2.

The guys in Cupertino want liquid metal, maybe to make an iDevice of some sort that can morph like the Nokia Morph Concept. Can we see in the future the Apple iPhone Morph? This sort of technology is what is needed to make the iPhone stand out from the rest, self-cleaning iPhone, stretchable etc.

There is not much to go on other than reading what the source has wrote above but we will keep a close eye on this because this is the sort of smartphone technology that could change the way we use mobile phone.

Just out of curiosity, if Apple does intend to use liquid metal on their next iPhone what would you like the new smartphone to be called?

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  • mbassoc

    Er.. The iPhone 5.

    Are you really that thick?

    • terminator

      I'm almost 100% this is a joke either that or this guy hasn't actually researched what liquid metal is!

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