HTC Droid 2 Red Eye Live Wallpapers (D2EyeMod): Download

You can now download custom HTC Droid 2 Red Eye Live Wallpapers (D2EyeMod), these modded versions look awesome and we know Droid 2 owners will just love them.

XDA Forums has many pictures for you to see just to get you a little excited, these wallpapers have been tweaked and you can clearly see the stunning colours. Below is a little tip on how to get them.

You can simply install like you would any other .apk file, if you have the normal Droid 2 Browser and you find it having slight problems downloading the file just simply try in xScopre or Dolphin.

Try downloading right now, Green Version Wallpaper or Black Version Wallpaper; if you have already downloaded any of these HTC Droid 2 Red Eye Live Wallpapers please do let us know how you got on and what you think.

Source – Droid-Life


One thought on “HTC Droid 2 Red Eye Live Wallpapers (D2EyeMod): Download”

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    Carlo says:

    Installed both. Black one looks crappy installed; green is really kool. (green is not my favorite colour)


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