Super AMOLED, Super LCD, Retina Display Comparison Battle on Video

Smartphone display, which is better, the iPhone 4 Retina Display, an HTC Desire Super LCD or a Samsung Galaxy S sporting a Super AMOLED? Well you are about to find out as we have a display comparison video for your viewing pleasure below.

The display comparison video comes our way courtesy of Simon Sage over at Intomobile, who happened to find himself in a Bell store over the weekend and did a little comparing of the displays on the iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant I9000 and the HTC Desire.

Simon says that although the HTC Desire gave the iPhone 4 a run for its money, the iPhone 4 retina display took the lead while the Samsung Galaxy S was left wanting; however he didn’t have time to check out the displays in an outdoor environment.

The display comparison video lasts just over the four minute mark, so all that remains is for you to hit the play button, check out the footage and make up your own mind as to which display comes out on top…enjoy.

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  • Calvin Meacham

    Just as a matter of fact,
    YOU CANT compare and amoLED vs a SLCD or LCD screen
    "its pixalated"….You can even use that term when taking about an LED screen.
    I dont know anything much about these phones, however I am an electrical engineer and have worked with screens such as plasma, lcd, led screens, etc for over 15 years.
    An LED screen is simply-technically, a better screen than an SLCD or LCD screen.

  • Syazwan

    you must be apple fan boy
    always talk goods thing about iphone4
    but still you don't know anything about technology
    LCD is past, LED is future!
    keep that in your mind.

  • tman

    I've never read anyone calling the Galaxy S screen 'pixelated' before. It's widely recognised as one of the best screens on any smartphone. Slightly lower resolution than the iPhone retina, but comparible none the less. Sounds like an iSheep to me.

  • Krym

    This review is s… it does not tell a thing.

  • Mirba

    "I am an electrical engineer and have worked with screens such as plasma, lcd, led screens, etc for over 15 years. "

    Well, it depends on how you learned in those 15 years. Simply years do not mean a good experience IMHO. It is about advancing, improving, research, development etc.

    With your mind, we would still be living in stone era… Hrsh huh:)) worse?; "Car is a moving stone".

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