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Windows Phone 7 Comes With Free USB Tethering?

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By:James | September 16th, 2010

Whether you believe that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 will be the next best thing since slice bread or not, the latest word has it Windows Phone 7 may just include something that may make it a tad more attractive and get one up over its rivals.

According to an article over on Mobile Crunch, by Greg Kumparak, there’s a rumour out there that Windows Phone 7 will support USB tethering without incurring any extra charge to the user from the carrier.

The rumour comes by way of Richard Dudley of Component One, who used Twitter to tweet, “Official word–Windows Phone 7 will support USB tethering, carriers can NOT charge extra, above the data plan.#WP7 #fb”

One has to say that if this is true then its fairly good news for Windows Phone 7 hopefuls as most carriers are currently hitting users wallets for tethering over and above the charge for the standard data plans.

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  • Sharon

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! Well done!

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