iTunes 10.1 Download Available: Problems, Can You AirPlay?

Apple iTunes 10.1 is now available to download and we would like to know how you are doing, has the download gone smoothly or have you experienced any problems at all.

The new iTunes 10.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is required if you wish to update to iOS 4.2, if this operating system ever releases seeing as reports have come in saying the iOS 4.2 will not come until November 24 now.

Anyway, the new iTunes update now adds AirPlay that will allow you to stream videos wirelessly from iTunes to the new Apple TV, apparently some cannot use AirPlay so we are asking you if you can. (Maybe an Apple TV update is coming very soon)

You can open iTunes on your laptop, desktop etc and install the new update or simply visit iTunes Download. Please do let us know how you are getting on. Just to let you know a new feature within iTunes 10.1 allows you to turn Ping on and off.

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32 thoughts on “iTunes 10.1 Download Available: Problems, Can You AirPlay?”

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    Daniel says:

    I can only stream audio from iTunes to Apple TV, when I have a video I can only see "Computer" as an option for AirPlay, no Apple TV.

    Very annoying

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    ricky says:

    I cannot import CDs with this version of itune. it starts ok then itunes crashes with the eror " itunes has stopprd working"

    1. Reply
      Pachi says:

      I am having the same problem with 10.1 version – itunes crashes while importing a CDs. It also stops working when I try to synchronize my ipod classic.
      I trired to revert back to the 10.0.1 version and the problem I am having is that 10.1 changed the format of my itunes library so now it cannot be read by the earlier version. I regret having updated to 10.1. What a headache. Please help, someone.

    2. Reply
      Jayne says:

      Me too, seems there are quite a number of people with these issues. However, I've trawled other web sites for hours now…lot's of problems reported, no answers yet.
      I have to turn it all off before it's an all nighter!

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      Jamie says:

      I am also having the same problem importing a CD. I get the same error message. I am also getting the same error message when I try to create a AAC version. iTunes just crashes. VERY Frustrating. I hope they fix it soon!

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      ANNOYED says:

      yeah it's crashing for me as well. i ripped the CDs using windows media player instead, but every time i try to add the files to my itunes library it crashes completely. what a load of rubbish!!!

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    MAP425 says:

    I have tried downloading new version of iTunes for past two days. It starts out downloading fast (1.5Meg/sec) and then gradually slows down to 1 kb/sec. It's not the network (I ran internet speed tests showing my download was 10+ Meg/sec). So I guess it is the APple server?? Anyone else have this problem? Right now I have not been able to download it as I have to stop download. I even let it download overnight (over 12 hours) and it only got to 83% downloaded. thanks.

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    DJT says:

    What an insult this update is! All was working fine before. Now cannot stream music to Apple TV as it seems to top the bandwidth of the router and both iTunes and AppleTV act crazy while trying to stream. (this worked perfectly before). Plus, the OS update killed connection my NAS (other issue, but really, my iTunes library sits on this NAS). All this to say that both these updates killed my home theatre setup in which I invested allot of money. Thanks Apple!.

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    Cricket says:

    With the new updated downloaded, I have now lost all audio on itunes. None of my albums will play now!!! Great update Apple, thanks a bunch!!

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    kim says:

    Mine is also doing this, are there any solutions yet? I was downloading cds a couple of weeks ago and it was fine but since I installed the 10.1 I just get the message "itunes has stopped working" and I have to shut it all down. It's driving me nuts!!

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    rdommeti says:

    i install iOs 4.2 on iphone and ipad, but cannot see the airplay icons at all. I enabled homesharing in iTunes on my mac, but still i can see the airplay button only on my mac videos, but it is not working on any other device… this is frustrating…!!!

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    Dave says:

    I messed with it last night – new update to Apple TV, new OS on iPad, new iTunes 10.1 – it worked before, now it's useless. Very disappointing!

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    Joshua says:

    Switching to the MP3 encoder fixed the CD import issue for me as well. I'm using iTunes 10.1. Thanks for the solution!

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    Ray Floyd says:

    I had teh same problem Windows 7 64 bit Itumes worked fine until last update 10 10.1
    I changed the cd import settings to mp3 and 128 ( good ) and it worked.
    Hope this helps

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    Amanda says:

    I could not import a CD into Itunes. It just came up with error message saying itunes had to close. However it said windows would search for a solution. The solution was to download itunes again & gave me the link. It only took a few minutes & I can now import cd's again. The version that works is (The bad version was I did not have to uninstall, it just loaded over the top with all my data saved. I have not tried synching yet.

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    Richard says:

    Updated the itunes software and now i cannot connect to the internet. When i run the trouble shooter it says that the driver for my nic has a problem but if i go to device manager it says that this is device is running fine. Also my restore for what ever reason was turned off and all the restores prior to rebooting were missing. I know for a fact that it was running prior to this update. This update sucks.

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