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How To Enable Android market on Emulator: Angry Birds Love

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By:Mark | November 29th, 2010

Many of you might be a little dismayed about the missing actual Android Market in the Android SDK, well thanks to a well known source they have the how to install/enable step-by-step guide.

Google should have from the beginning included the Market App within the SDK to make the emulator experience much better and of course more real to life, well after visiting Android Police they have come across a solution via Varunkumar Nagarajan of Varun’s ScratchPad.

There is an 8 step-by-step guide for you to try, it starts of with downloading and installing Android SDK and it is this that will give you access to the emulator, they also mention how to create a virtual device and perform a few tweaks to prevent freezing in the future Market downloads and to allow writing to /system, and how to install the market app and perform a few more tweaks.

Please do let us know how you get on; we would love to know if it works well or not. Apparently it works well even Angry Birds. Once again please visit Varun’s blog for the how to guide.

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