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Is iTunes Gaining NBC TV Rentals?

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By:James | December 2nd, 2010

When Apple announced their $0.99 TV show rentals for iTunes it was rumoured that NBC would be coming aboard, but for whatever reason NBC decided not to take part in the new initiative and thus no NBC TV shows for $0.99 are available in iTunes.

However, according to an article over on 9to5 Mac by Mark Gurman, they were digging around in iTunes and happened on an image which shows the TV show listings, and in that listing is The Office for $0.99 rental next to the purchase price of $2.99.

So could this point to Apple and NBC actually striking a deal for NBC to finally come aboard and offer their TV shows for $0.99 in iTunes, it certainly looks that way.

Gurman does say it is possible that the image is photoshopped of course but its not very likely as he says photoshopping a screenshot for TV rentals would be kind of pointless, so what do you think have NBC now joined Appleā€™s $0.99 TV rentals program?

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