iPhone 4 iOS or Windows Phone 7? Battle Video

When it comes to the mobile arena and mobile operating systems Apple’s iOS has got to be right at the top of the OS pile although Android is quickly catching up. But what about the newcomer operating system from Microsoft, how well does Windows Phone 7 stack up against the might of iOS on the iPhone 4?

Well to answer that particular question we have a little video footage for your viewing pleasure today which pits Windows Phone 7 against the mighty iPhone 4 iOS in a comparison battle video which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of WMPoweruser.

The Windows Phone 7 verses iOS on the iPhone 4 video review is done by Zollotech and delivers almost 22 minutes of operating system battling between a WP7 device and the iPhone 4 and starts off this comparison with a rundown of the requires specs for a device to be considered for Windows Phone 7.

Last month we posted a video comparison between the iPhone 4 and the WP7 HTC HD7 in which the review basically came down on the side of the iPhone 4 and we’ve also previously posted a comparison battle between the iPhone 4 and the WP7 HTC Surround, so we thought it was about time for another.

Obviously the smartphone to beat in the mobile space today and has been for quite some time is the Apple iPhone and virtually every new device that comes out is eventually compared to Apple’s smartphone, so just how well does Windows Phone 7 stack up against iOS on the iPhone 4?

Well if you haven’t made up your mind on that matter by now, then head on down, mash that play button and check out Windows Phone 7 verses iPhone 4 iOS, and feel free to let us know if you agree or disagree with the outcome by posting to our comments area below…enjoy.


One thought on “iPhone 4 iOS or Windows Phone 7? Battle Video”

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    Sufyan Gujar says:

    realy thought Microsoft should hire this guy…
    Its obvious iPhone 4 is way better yet he simply
    proved Win 7 is better than iOS…RoFl

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