Apple iPad and iPhone Dock Invented by a Kid

Well in the world of technology it just goes to show that you don’t need the wisdom of age or an armful of tech credentials of university qualifications to actually come up with something that is extremely useful for such devices as smartphones and tablets.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by Shane McGlaun, an eleven year old boy by the name of Dino Zaharakis has invented a neat little Apple iPad and Apple iPhone accessory, a smartphone and a tablet stand.

Apparently the kid was challenged by his dad to design a better stand for the Apple iPad and if he came up with a good one he would get a new phone, and so Dino and father went to their local college and came up with a 3D model which is called the DZDock.

The neat thing with the DZDock is that the stand enables the user to dock their Apple iPad or iPhone without having to disconnect the charging or syncing cable, and the stands are apparently available in a range of colours, white, silver, black, blue, red, pink and lime.

The DZDock should work with just about any smartphone or table out there in both vertical and horizontal orientation and usually commands a price tag of $29.99; however if you hit up the DZDock website and enter the special code of “DZPRNEWS” you’ll get 10 bucks knocked off the asking price…sweet.


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