Update: Giveaway Contest: Win iPhone 4 Typetop Mini Bluetooth Case & Keyboard

We here at phonesreview.co.uk wish to give something back to one lucky reader to say thank you for visiting us on a daily basis and to do this we have started a giveaway contest where one lucky reader will win a free iPhone 4 Typetop Swivel Mini Bluetooth Keyboard and Case.

We recently gave this iPhone 4 product a hands-on review that you can read here, see what we think of the iPhone 4 Typetop Swivel Mini Bluetooth Keyboard and Case, you can also see many photos that we have taken as well.

To get in with a chance of winning this product all you need to do is a few things, after two weeks we will announce a winner via email asking you to email us your address and we will get it posted to you for free. Just enter and one lucky winner will get an email.

Enter to Win:
1) Share this article by hitting the Tweet/Share button
2) Leave a comment below this article (Say anything you like)

It is as simple as that, Tweet us and leave a Comment. As a gesture of your good nature please do join us on either Facebook or Twitter.

UPDATE: you MUST do number 1 and 2 above to enter, tweet/share and comment.. thank you…

UPDATE: The winner is Hao-Wei from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Congratulations. We will write another article about the winner in the next few days.


22 thoughts on “Update: Giveaway Contest: Win iPhone 4 Typetop Mini Bluetooth Case & Keyboard”

  1. Reply
    Jiaqi says:

    Wow.. this is awesome!! I wanna win this so badly!!
    Done both (1) and (2).
    Please let me win…..

  2. Reply
    Hao-Wei says:

    An iphone 4 bluetooth case keyboard! This is so exciting… my first time participating in a contest like this. I hope you let me win this so that I can give it to my girlfriend as her birthday present! She's so gonna love this 😀

    P/s: Done number 1 and 2 🙂

  3. Reply
    JD Gragg says:

    I like and I need. I quit carrying a cell phone 2 years ago after having one since 1988, I think it’s time again!…………Plus it would work so well with all my Google stuff, all my security, 8 web sites, my home PC is even a Google Calendar.

  4. Reply
    Liahona_pretty says:

    this is so COOL! please let me have this, please.. this would be the best present for christmas! =D please let me win

  5. Reply
    Renzy says:

    I tweeted guys!!! Even if I win or don’t… Good luck to all entering the contest. 😉 a
    Also, I also like to thank the person/people for giving every single one of us this opportunity. :*D

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