3D iPad Possible with Japanese Film Solution: Video

Most know that Apple is always a little behind when delivering new technology in their iOS devices, although the iOS faithful would no doubt say otherwise. But as far as I am aware Apple doesn’t have any 3D plans for their gear.

3D seems to be the next big thing in the mobile space and no doubt the iOS faithful wouldn’t want to miss out, but if Apple doesn’t bring 3D to their devices it appears someone else will. According to an article over on Engadget, by way of Akihabaranews, Newsight Japan has come up with a solution enabling 3D on the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Apparently this solution involves placing a film over your iOS display and combining with software to deliver 3D and apparently the film doesn’t interfere with your multi-touch gestures.

So just so you can check out what this new 3D film and software does, we have a video of 3D in action on the Apple iPad for your viewing pleasure below which lasts just 46 seconds by does look quite impressive…enjoy.

So would you stick this new film over your iOS device so you can view 3D images?

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