Bipolar Disorder Uncovered Android App: Recognise Symptoms

There are many people that suffer from Bipolar disorder who are seeking treatment, but there are no doubt many that may have Bipolar disorder, but aren’t aware that have it. However if you own an Android smartphone and think you may have Bipolar disorder there’s an app available that can let you know all about the symptoms.

The app is called Bipolar Disorder Uncovered and is an in-depth guide to Bipolar disorder and with the app it will help you recognise if you are at risk, the different causes of Bipolar disorder, when you should seek medical help and where to get that help.

The Bipolar Disorder Uncovered app for Android delivers the causes, the different signs, treatment, how psychotherapy helps, side effects, monitor medication, monitor the disorder with a mood chart, how sleep can help you cope, how to turn the disorder into a personal strength and much more.

The Bipolar Disorder Uncovered app for Android devices will guide the user though learning all they need to know about Bipolar disorder and can be downloaded to your Android device from the Android Market at a cost of $1.34.


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