Nokia To Continue With Symbian For a While Yet

As you are probably aware, mobile phone giant Nokia is gearing up to push out Windows Phone 7 smartphones, which should mean the end of the aging Symbian platform, but apparently Nokia is still committed to Symbian for some time yet.

According to an article over on The Australian, Chris Carr, the managing director of Nokia Australia has said that contractual agreements mean Nokia will continue to support Symbian based smartphones for 2 years after release.

Carr stated that Nokia would not tie itself exclusively to Microsoft Windows Phone, while also saying “Symbian was far from dead,” and that research and development was continuing.

Nokia is committed to both Symbian and Windows Phone 7 though to 2012, with Carr telling Sydney reporters… “There’s still a lot of ongoing development with Symbian, the two will co-exist. We’ve invested a lot of money in Symbian. It’s not unusual in the industry to have multiple OS strategies.”

Isn’t it about time Nokia said goodbye to Symbian once and for all?


2 thoughts on “Nokia To Continue With Symbian For a While Yet”

  1. Prasad says:

    If w7 & w8 will launch soon the with extraordinary features and high quality resolution and big screen, full touch, good memory then both the companies will get great income for their effort.

  2. Fun For says:

    Nokia W7 and W8 will only attract casual phone users (iPhone) and not the serious users of smartphone who demand features still lacking in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.