Droid Bionic Possibly Ditched In Favour of Targa

There has been quite a bit of interest in the upcoming Motorola Droid Bionic smartphone, however if the latest rumour doing the rounds turns out true, those interested parties could well end up disappointed as the rumour is the Droid Bionic may have been cancelled.

According to an article over on Phone Dog and by way of Droid-life, they are hearing that the Motorola Droid Bionic could have been either canned or delayed in favour of the Motorola Targa as a replacement.

Other sites such as Howard Forums, wnrussell, who has been a reliable source of leaked info in the past has heard the same rumour, while Android Central Forums is of a differing opinion and posted…

” The Bionic will not be cancelled and is well on track for the expected release date. The issues that alot of people are claiming are due to release to larger testing group. Does the device have issues?? YES.. will be kill a release? NO chance in hell.. Its a 4.3 inch display dual core proc device running LTE, so battery and performance tweaks are ongoing with Motorola on a almost daily basis.”

Having said that, there is no confirmation coming out of Motorola just yet as to whether the rumour that the Android device has been cancelled is true or not. So if this turns out to be correct will you be annoyed that the Motorola Droid Bionic isn’t coming out to play? If so feel free to voice your displeasure to our comments area below.


6 thoughts on “Droid Bionic Possibly Ditched In Favour of Targa”

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    Scott says:

    I've been holding out on the thunderbolt bandwagon in favor of this phone. Hope they will stay on track and release it soon!

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    MadMax says:

    I'm a year past my upgrade and I've been waiting for the Bionic. The biggest detraction for the Thunderbolt is the battery life. My friend has one and he averages about 4 hours. If he turns everything off then he can go to around 8 but turning everything off defeats the whole purpose. The Bionic is suppose to ship with a 1950amh battery vs. the 1450mah for Thunderbolt. There is also the issue with the lack of HDMI out and possibility of getting a WebTop for the bionic. I hope Motorola and Vz don't f*ck this up.

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    Neil says:

    Have you seen the (after-market) rechargeable holster for the iPhone and for a number of Blackberry models? Given the battery drain of 4G LTE, why don't all of the OEMs for 4G phones issue them with rechargeable holsters?

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