IPL 2011 Prompts Top 4 iOS Apps

For those iOS device users out there that may be interested in keeping up with all the news and information on the Indian Premier League 2011, or just enjoy cricket, you guessed it, Apple has an app for that.

So what we thought we’d do today was bring you our pick of the top four IPL 2011 iOS apps for your consideration, so let’s not hang about and get right to those apps…

First up we have the IPL2011MatchSchedule app for iOS devices, and delivers a complete timetable of the Indian Preier League 2011 matched so you don’t miss out from the 8th of April to the 28th of May and covers 74 matches.

The IPL2011MatchSchedule app delivers the four playoff games, game A between 1st and 2nd ranked teams in the group stage, game B teams ranked 3rd and 4th in group stage, game C between the losers of game A and game B, and the final between the winners of game A and C. The IPL2011MatchSchedule app is available to download from iTunes for $0.99.

Next up we have a fun app for cricket lovers, the IPL 4 2011 Quiz HD app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, an app that enables the user to quiz themselves on which cricketer play for what team in the Indian Premier League 2011.

With the IPL 4 2011 Quiz HD app, the user can stay on top of the many cricketer moving from franchise to franchise and who is moving and how much they are worth and where to with over 150 cricketers listed in the app. The IPL 4 2011 Quiz HD app can be yours for just $0.99 from iTunes.

Or how about the IPL Indiagames Cricket T20Fever app, the official app of the Indian Premier League cricket game, which features all 8 IPL teams, all official players, the ability to play the complete IPL season 3 tournament with your favourite teams.

The IPL Indiagames Cricket T20Fever iOS app also delivers TV broadcast style cameras, supports Facebook Connect and Scoreloop community, a new power play battle mode, and the ability to submit scores online and compare with friends. The IPL Indiagames Cricket T20Fever can be doenlaoded from iTunes for $4.99.

Lastly for those that prefer free apps we have the iZat IPL Cricket Lite iOS appwhich is absed on the popular game “Howzat,” and enables the user to play a quick two-over game between two of the IPL’s top cricket teams.

The iZat IPL Cricket Lite app for the iPhone features a spinning picker that decides the outcome of each ball, integrated sound and music, auto game save on quit, animated stick-man graphics and accelerometer driven control. The iZat IPL Cricket Lite app is available for free from iTunes.

So there you have our 4 top iOS IPL app picks but I’m sure if you are an ardent cricket fan you’ll have your own favourite app so feel free to share in our comments area below.

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