Angry Birds Seasons Easter Previewed on Video

As most Angry Birds fans will know, Rovio is gearing up to release an update to Angry Birds Season for Easter, which should hit app stores before Easter gets here, and is the Angry Birds Seasons Easter edition, so how about checking out the game before getting it?

What we have for your consideration below is an Angry Birds Seasons Easter Edition preview video, which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Droid-life and by way of the Rovio Mobile YouTube page.

The Angry Birds Seasons-Easter Eggs gameplay trailer lasts a tad over a minute and shows us what the updated edition will play like; basically the same gameplay as every other Angry Birds game but with an Easter slant such as Easter eggs and green pigs wearing bunny ears, and will no doubt come to iOS, Android and other platforms.

The object of the new Angry Birds Season update is exactly the same as before whereby you have to sling those Angry Birds at the thieving green pigs, destroying their crazy constructions and will no doubt bring hours of pig bashing fun to the masses this Easter…enjoy.

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