Dual-SIM Technology for iPhone with 2Phone Case

Imagine having just one phone that operates with two different network operators… at the same time. Well imagine no more.

For a while dual-SIM adapters have been available for the iPhone and it is even speculated that the iPhone 5 could release with dual-SIM technology, see our article dated March 15, 2011. However, Rebel Simcard has come up with a new concept.

The Rebel 2Phone case for the Apple iPhone 4 gives your device the ability use 2 different lines or 2 different carriers to make and receive phone calls. However, the amazing thing about this case is that both SIMs are active together, meaning you can make your calls on both lines at the same time.

What sets Rebel 2Phone case apart from previous dual-SIM designs (which commonly had the second SIM card dangling alongside of the device) is that this case is actually an all-in-one accessory that has multiple purposes. It has a SIM card slot actually built into the inside of its back cover, which connects to your iPhone via the charging port.

However, there is more, the 2Phone case also comes with a rechargeable battery to power the dual SIM operation and therefore, not only does it not drain your iPhone battery when making calls when using the dual SIM operation, but also it will actually recharge the iPhone’s battery when it gets low. See video below.

The whole dual SIM invention is contained within an attractive case that appears to be easy enough to get off and on and is currently available to purchase for approximately $250 via Rebel Simcard. Information on the Rebel 2Phone case comes to us by way of iDB. However, before you rush off to get your case there is one very important bit of information to note, this case will only work with jailbroken devices.

So what do you think about the possibility of dual SIM technology on your handset, good or bad?

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