iPhone 3D Camera with Panorama4D: Face Detection

The big technology of today is looking to be 3D, with numerous smartphone makers working on pushing out 3D enabled devices, something Apple hasn’t yet done with their iOS gear. But that doesn’t mean iOS users have to miss out on that 3D action.

The Panaorama4D iOS app can apparently turn your iPhone into a 3D camera and works with the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G and the Apple iPad 2 and is the first iOS app that enables the user to shoot 3D photos.

The Panaroma4D iOS app offers such things as Gyroscope 4D mode that delivers a 4D effect, face detection, the ability to share in 3D on Twitter and Facebook, and an Anaglyph 3D mode whereby the user puts on anaglyphs glasses to view a 3 dimensional show.

The Panorama4D app also features SD or HD mode, 2D/3D switch, CoverFlow image gallery, on display help, and auto flash, and the user can also snap and view 3D images without glasses using the Cross-Eyed mode. The Panorama4D app for iOS devices is available to download from iTunes for just $1.99.

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