Android Gingerbread Update for Samsung Galaxy S Suspended

The other day we saw the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Samsung Galaxy S at long last start rolling out to certain Galaxy S devices in Europe; however it appears that the rollout of Android Gingerbread didn’t last that long.

According to an article over on Phone Arena by way of Engadget, it appears that Google has slapped a hold on Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S without stating a reason for doing so.

However apparently Vodafone UK has piped in and stated that there are no known problems with the Android Gingerbread update in Europe, so hopefully this should mean that Google would sort out whatever problems they believe there is out quite rapidly.

Does this news of a temporary suspension of Android 2.3 Gingerbread coming to the Samsung Galaxy S just take you to the bring of anger or are you quite happy to wait until such times as the Google guys say its all clear to push out the update once again? I know I’m getting a tad impatient for the update to come.


5 thoughts on “Android Gingerbread Update for Samsung Galaxy S Suspended”

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    Manojh says:

    Flippin heck, was looking forward to this since my phone's on vodafone, but oh well been waiting for a couple of months anyway, this better be worth it 🙁

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    Vanessa Deagan says:

    Very disappointing and suspicious to see Google act in such a way without giving the Galaxy S users a reason… I'm not that bothered because of how buttery smooth my Galaxy S runs with Android 2.2.1 (smoothest and most responsive Android handset I've seen to date – keep in mind I have not yet laid eyes on the dual-core beasts).

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      Broseph says:

      Maybe Google is stepping up to make sure updates dont shame the Android name and put a little bit more organization into their OS.

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    Andrew says:

    Us here in canada are hoping the update makes it our way before the next version of the OS is released. I'd love to be on the latest version of android. Since buying this phone it has always been one version behind.

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    @dez1725 says:

    personally I suspect its all to do with this suit from apple. Perhaps samsung dont want to put themselves in any more trouble than they already are.

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