Apple iPad Accessories: iRest Stand For Comfort

No doubt if you own an Apple iPad or Apple iPad 2 you may at some point in your tablet life require a tablet stand, well there is a stand available for both iOS tablets that lays claim to being the ” Only stand in the world designed for super comfortable upright iPad use on the lap (both landscape and portrait mode).”

The iPad accessory is called the iRest from Rain Design Inc, and can lay claim to being the Best of Show at Macworld 2011. The iRest is for both lap and desktop use with removable back cushions so the device can lay flat if required.

The iRest for iPad can prevent hand fatigue while raising the display to roughly 3-inches to make it easier on the neck and has an adjustable viewing angle of up to 60 degrees, fits the dock connector and has a cut out for the speaker.

The iRest for the Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 can also be used with the Apple case, and is available for purchase from Rain Design Inc at a cost of $49.90 plus shipping.

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