(DWTS) Dancing With The Stars 2011 App

If you have ever wanted to sit on the panel of Dancing with the Stars and decide who stays or who goes, well now you can with an iOs app for your iPhone.

With the Dancing with the Stars app, you take an active part in helping to decide who will stay and who will go on the show. Watch all the sizzling Dancing with the Stars action on ABC LIVE every Monday at 8/7c, then use the Dancing with the Stars app to lodge a vote for your favorite couple (please note that in-app voting feature only available on iPhone to AT&T customers). Verizon and AT&T users will also be able to dial in their votes through the Click to Call option.

Then, every Tuesday check back in with ABC at 9/8c to see how your personal contribution came into play, as everyone finds out who has survived the vote to dance another day. After all the votes are in and the stage lights dim, you may think that it is it, but you will not even be close.

Here are a few of the other fascinating features you get with this amazing Apple iPhone application, video results as well as instant updates about who is voted off the show, dazzling photo galleries all the action from every show, bios on the stars, pros, judges and hosts.

But that’s not all, You can learn any of the dynamic dances featured on the show, brush up on all the rules and get firsthand knowledge about how your votes helped shape the show and make it work and still there is lots more… recently the app was updated with content for Season 12 and in application SMS voting.

If you enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars, then why not download this free app from iTunes and have your say on who remains in the show. Let us know how you get on.

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