BlackBerry PlayBook Poor Sales: Your Reviews

Although Canadian BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has now finally released their first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook to the masses, the word is the RIM device isn’t doing too good in the sales department and isn’t flying out of retail stores.

According to The Register by way of Reuters, as of launch date several US and Canadian stores carried the BlackBerry PlayBook, but were limited in stock to just a handful of devices; apparently four stores in Toronto were checked and each one only had five of the RIM tablets in stock.

Furthermore, apparently after mid-day all four stores still had stock of the BlackBerry PlayBook, which could suggest that people simply aren’t purchasing the device as expected.

Apparently BGC Partners analyst, Colin Gillis told Reuters… “It’s going to be a tough sell to the consumer,” while adding the BlackBerry PlayBook although sleek, is a flawed gadget that does not offer RIM’s secure email.

Of course the poor uptake of the BlackBerry PlayBook could be down to Apple releasing the Apple iPad 2 not so long ago, although analysts have indicated PlayBook sales should pick up over time.

So hat we’d like to know is if any of our readers purchased a BlackBerry PlayBook and if so we’d love to read their personal reviews of the tablet, whether you think the PlayBook is the best or the pits, feel free to post your opinion to our comments area below.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry PlayBook Poor Sales: Your Reviews”

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    RB owner says:

    I'm going to pick up 5 units at Costco this week end to work in sink with our BB phones. I own my company and have no time to line up at stores during week days…

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    fermanagh says:

    I take you have it you haven't read all the other articles out there which state that it sold around 50,000 in it's first day and beat analysts expectations…although nothing comparable to the ipad, it's still very good….where are you getting your sales figures from? Not very reliable in my opinion!

  3. Fermanagh I am wondering did you do some readin of the specs for playbook and compare the to ipad2 specs :
    The Ipad2 cameras a very poor at .7MP and .3 compared to the playbook at 3 MP and 5 MP
    The Ram Memory on the IPad2 at 512MB and Playbook at 1 GHz
    The playbook has HDMI Port to hook to your HDTV the Ipad2 don’t have this
    They both have a good Cpu 1 GHz
    Playbook has true multitasking
    Thats only an example after reading the specs Ipad2 has a bigger screen then playbook but how portable is that my laptop isn’t much bigger dimension wise then the ipad2 and was alot cheaper just as portable ( p.s I am also a proud owner of Blackberry Playbook 64GB )

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