Apple iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook Comparison Battle Video

So Research In Motion’s new tablet is now out and about and obviously the device is going to get compared to other tablets in the game and so we have a video comparison between the BlackBerry PlayBook and its rival the Apple iPad 2 for your viewing pleasure today.

The iPad vs. PlayBook comparison video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Mobile Burn as they pit the two tablets against each other in a side-by-side battle that lasts just a tad over twelve minutes of confrontation.

In the footage the guys compare several major features including multitasking, gaming, and some basic user interface features, but how does the BlackBerry PlayBook stand up against Apple’s iOS tablet?

Well obviously I’m not going to tell you as that would spoil your viewing enjoyment, so if you wish to find out how the BlackBerry PlayBook compares to the Apple iPad 2, head on down and mash that play button, and of course feel free to voice your opinions on both tablets to our comments area below…enjoy.


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    Doll says:

    Awesome video! I really wanted to see a true, honest comparison. Thank you! For those of you who prefer the size of the PlayBook, so as not to be screaming, "Look at me, I have a tablet!" but really need e-mail, the native e-mail function is coming soon. Updates to the OS seem to be happening on a regular basis, and the app world is increasing in size daily. I realize some people NEED a larger tablet, and one day (hopefully in the VERY distant future), I will, too. But I like being able to hide all of my technology in my purse and keep it the size of a novel. It most definitely is NOT the size of my smartphone.

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    Gabriel Bowen says:

    I'm not sure why they even bother comparing. Of course the BlackBerry has flash, but unless you have a BB smartphone, this product isn't that great. I can't believe they took out email unless you use your phone. That's the main thing I love about BlackBerrys is how fast their email syncs. It's like text messaging. I don't even user Apple products and it's obvious that the iPad 2 is a better product. But congrats to them anyways for having such a loyal fan base. I'm surprised they sold anything on the first day. They did way better than I expected. Marketing and brand loyalty goes a long way. http://GBsTechNews.com

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    Sebastian Ihenacho says:

    the play book is quite impressive but clearly the apple ipad 2 is better.Although the apple ipad should support face book flash games and videos.But still, why do they even bother comparing.

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    dan says:

    Of course the playbook lost the browser speed test! It was loading a flash ad. With flash disabled its much closer. Besides, theyre too different. If you want size, go with the ipad, for portability choose playbook.
    (posted from my playbook)

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