Samsung Galaxy S 2 Unboxed on Video On a Mountain

Okay, well if you are going to do an unboxing of a smartphone on video obviously you want said unboxing to be somewhat different to all the other usual device unboxings, just to make it that more interesting for the viewer right?

Well that’s exactly what the guys over at Phone Arena have done with their unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S 2, but unwrapping the Android Gingerbread handset whilst hanging off the side of a mountain, yes I said a mountain.

Basil Kronfli of Phone Arena does the unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 whilst tethered to the side of one of Snowdonia’s cliff faces in North Wales; something one has to agree is extreme, and obviously no chance of dropping the device as it was also tethered.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2: Extreme unboxing video delivers five and a half minutes of Kronfli dangling over the edge of the mountain whilst toying with the Android handset, so head on down, hit that play button and enjoy the footage.

Oh and of course if you have taken your own smartphone to the extremes we’d love to know about it so feel free to post to our comments area below.


8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S 2 Unboxed on Video On a Mountain”

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    Miffed says:

    Total pointless video. You dont see anything of the phone as hes holding it……

    Whats the point?

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