Apple iPad Accessories: G-Form Extreme Sleeve 500 Ft Drop Test Video

No doubt many Apple iPad users use a protective case to make sure their iOS tablet doesn’t come to any harm, but how well does the case you are using protect from being dropped? We’ve seen the protective ability of the G-Form Extreme sleeve before in a couple of bowling ball tests, and now we have another.

Taking dropping the Apple iPad to literally new heights, we have the iOS tablet encased in the G-Form Extreme sleeve and dropped from a height of 500 foot, which was captured on video and comes our way courtesy of 9to5 Mac and by way of the G-Form YouTube page.

Yes folks, if you are going to do a drop test then why not drop your Apple iPad from an ultralight so 500 foot up, but does the Apple iPad come out of this unscathed?

Well to find out you’re going to have to punch that play button and watch the short test video, and when you’ve done so let us know if you are going to purchase the G-Form Extreme sleeve once it becomes available for your treasured iPad or Apple iPad 2…enjoy.

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