Smartphone Accessories: Kickstand for iPhone, Droid & More

All HTC EVO 4G owners will let you know that the kickstand on the back is a great addition and something they would not like missing of their smartphone, well now all other handset owners can have their very own kickstand.

Smartphone accessories is big business and we all love new products, and that is exactly what New PC Gadgets have just for you, say hello to the new smartphone kickstand that will for any mobile phone such as the iPhone, Droid phones and many more.

This latest smartphone kickstand product is a steel bracket that is ultra thin that can easily be fitted to any smartphone, it will raise any handset to a comfortable 75° viewing angle.

This accessory will allow you to watch movies in comfort and can be used in either portrait or landscape, please check out some images below. It is a simple design that everyone will love.

You can buy the smartphone kickstand for only $4.95 via New PC Gadgets, please view the YouTube video below and see what you think. If you have already purchased this product we would love to read your reviews. Send all reviews to our commenting area provided below.

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