White iPhone 4 via AT&T or Verizon: Possibly Pointless

So the White iPhone 4 is launching April 27 on AT&T and Verizon but could this possibly be the most pointless launch via Apple considering the iPhone 5 is also launching this year.

Apple has finally been able to bring the white version of the iPhone to the table, which surely means when the iPhone 5 releases there will be a white model as well and that leaves us with the question of why release a white iPhone 4 when we might as well wait for the iPhone 5.

Phonesreview.co.uk colleague James already reported yesterday that Best Buy has confirmed the American launch for the same date above and the inventory screenshot via 9to5Mac shows the details, the screenshot shows the AT&T white iPhone 4 GSM model.

Now if you visit iDB they report that Verizon will have a CDMA version launching as well, it also suggests that there will be both 16 GB and 32 GB white versions via Best Buy all across the States.

Please let us know if you will be getting your hands on the white iPhone 4 or if you will wait for the new iPhone 5 possibly launching September? You know what, vote below on our poll system what you prefer, your votes will let us know what is favoured the most and that will tell us if the white iPhone 4 is possibly pointless. If you do decide to buy white iPhone 4 will you buy for AT&T network or Verizon

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2 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 via AT&T or Verizon: Possibly Pointless”

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    Joey says:

    Do people seriously still think that the White iPhone's absence was simply down to a manufacturing issue? The delay was a marketing ploy, pure and simple – and a damned effective one at that. We may see a white iPhone 5 on launch, we may not. Who knows what the analysts have planned…?

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    Zep says:

    As a Verizon customer with 4G reported to launch in my city by the end of the year, why would I buy any phone (especially on a 2 year contract) that doesn't have 4G capability. This definitely includes the white iPhone 4 and also will include the iPhone 5 if it doesn't have 4G capability. I am waiting to see the specs on the iPhone 5 and hope to buy a couple of them for the wife and I, but if it doesn't have 4G, I will just have to buy some big shiny 4G droids instead.

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