HTC Thunderbolt Accessories: Inductive Battery Cover

Since the arrival of HTC’s Thunderbolt there have been a number of issues raised surrounding the handsets battery life, with some users stating that they are only getting around 2.5 hours when using the device on LTE.

With all the hype and expectation surrounding this Android smartphone before its release, it is a shame that the battery issue was not resolved first. We did an article surrounding the problems Thunderbolt users were experiencing, in which we invited owners to give us feedback on any battery life issues they had, the feedback does not read well for the HTC Thunderbolt — see article here.

Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt will most definitely not win any prizes in the longetivity department judging by the response from users of the device. The guys at Mobile.Engadget have indicated that they mentioned a while back, about a Qi-compatible inductive back for this handset. However, since their article the Verizon store has stripped the picture and $39 price tag from the link, with a part now named “ThunderBolttrade Inductive Battery Cover.” in its place.

The article by Mobile.Engadget via MobileBurn goes on to indicate that Verizon may offer the inductive back as some sort of trade-in deal. If you are the owner of a HTC Thunderbolt and some sort of trade-in deal is offered regarding the inductive back, please let us know below.

Please note that we offer a few solutions to the battery life nightmare that some Thunderbolt owners are experiencing, in the way of extended batteries: iSound Portable Backup 8000mAh Battery, Seidio Innocell 1600mAh Slim Battery and 2750mAh Extended Battery & Cover.

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