iPhone 4S Pictured, Possibly iPhone 5

The speculation over the next generation iOS smartphone continues and now we have what is apparently leaked images of what is being called the iPhone 4S hitting the net waves, and apparently said iPhone 4S runs the new iOS seen previously on video.

The pictures of this iPhone 4S come our way courtesy of the iPhone Download Blog and by way of Mic Gadget who don’t actually say where or how they came by the pictures, so there is a possibility it could be a mockup.

However info on this iPhone 4S seems to match up with previous info on the iPhone 5, and as we know, Apple tends to put a name to their smartphones that doesn’t always match up with the reported name so the iPhone 4S could be Apple’s moniker for the iPhone 5, although as usual that is of course speculation.

The new images seem to run along similar line as previous images reported by the BGR, and seem to support the info that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S whichever you wish to call it will come with a larger display of roughly 3.7-inches.

Having said that, you should for the moment treat all this as rumour as there isn’t really any real evidence that these images are of the real deal next generation iPhone.

There have been numerous rumours over the iPhone 5 in the past ranging from being similar to the iPod Touch, to the iPhone 5 having NFC, to an old school design.

But what do our reader’s think about the name iPhone 4S? Let’s face it Apple went with iPhone 3GS so it could be that iPhone 4S is the next handset. Also notably the images are of a white version so could this mean that Apple will deliver a white iPhone 5/4S when they finally get round to releasing the thing?

What are your thoughts, do you think this Phone 4S is a fake or close to the real design?