iPhone Facebook App Problems: Build Is Enabled for Employees Only

We here at phonesreview.co.uk would like to hit on a personal problem that we have encountered with the iPhone 4 Facebook app where it say’s “This build is only enabled for employees only”.

We have the Facebook app on our Apple iPhone 4 and everything was running smoothly up until a recent update via the App Store’s update section, every time we hit the Facebook icon on the iPhone 4 it comes up with the message “This build is only enabled for employees only”.

We have done an iPhone 4 screenshot (See Below) of the screen message so that you can see our problem, this is still happening even after uninstalling the Facebook app and then reinstalling so trying that method out does not sort the issue out. We decided to visit a dedicated Facebook page about this problem and it seems many other users are experiencing the same issues.

Looks like after visiting many sites especially the Facebook one mentioned above moderators do NOT seem to read the messages otherwise they would have a fix for the problem, Facebook really needs to start pulling their fingers out of where ever they have put them and help those in need of the issue mentioned above.

What We Have Tried To Fix:

1. Uninstalling Facebook App then reinstalling — DOES NOT WORK
2. Turning iPhone Off – DOES NOT WORK
3. Restoring smartphone back to factory settings then installing Facebook app – DOES NOT WORK.

All the above is useless, it seems we all have to sit back at wait for Facebook to give us a new update, like FB really cares as long as they are earning money this problem is small fry. Put a dislike on Facebook and trust us when we say you will get so many users hitting that button on this status.

Please do let us know if you have the same issues we are having, if you have come up with a fix solution please let us know. Thanks


24 thoughts on “iPhone Facebook App Problems: Build Is Enabled for Employees Only”

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    joz says:

    how does that message which is being cured by pressing OK is a problem for you? why do you need to be fixed? it's a free app.

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    Ashley says:

    I've been having this same issue for awhile now too. & I can't agree more that there SHOULD be a dislike button. I also experience problems trying to link my cell phone with my facebook account. It used to work, now it doesn't. I feel like I experience more and more problems with facebook now a days. Almost makes me wanna switch back to myspace, just because I had less issues with them.

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    Amy says:

    I get the same thing! I also can't message anyone and many of my comments can't be posted because of "abusive behavior" ??? FB for iPhone bites the big one!!!

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    @jhousen says:

    I noticed it when I merged a facebook page into a business page..the app shuts down and can't click "OK" Does anyone know how to log into your facebook business page through the iphone app?

  5. its happening to me with my 3Gs, its really annoying the alert comes up everytime I try going into the app and it also shuts it down when i'm using the app. FACEBOOK UPDATE THE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Freeman says:

    I don't think it F.B. or they'd get back to some one. I think it's a scam, maybe an 'ex' FB employee gIving it a worse name. Or a mask a phantom that's pulling, key info. Perhaps (I'd like to pretend it harmless) it's someone who's got nothing better to do than eaves drop. There is 'Interpol' (and your local Police) they have a ever growing group of specialists to look at these many issues eg. Identity theft, skimming, scams from Tech savvy places that if they cant get your money, just want to 'p*ss you off, or maybe social experiment to see who can trace it, maybe someone wants to find a Genius to come on board for other application writing. The Tec arm of Police who I've found to be happy to pursue an issue provided you are fairly sure it's a scam.

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    charlie says:

    double click the home button, then press and hold facebook to delete it from the multitasking environment at the bottom, reopen then facebook app should open. temp fix but hoepfully facebook/apple will sort it sooner rather than later!

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    Rodney Nicholls says:

    I am having the same problem with my business page. I have an iPhone 4 and it works fine logging in to my personal page but I'm getting the same 'only for employees' message when logging in to the business page.

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    belinda says:

    i reset my password, but didnt put in a new one i just used the same one and then logged in and it went through.

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    Chris says:

    I have the Same problem. Hitting ok does not solve the problem.
    It shows up everytime I am logging in.

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    Joneses says:

    Tapping the OK button does NOT work in every situation.

    Having had to update the password i use on their website, i can now not access the facebook iphone application. Their offering simply quits after displaying this 'developers only' business.

    Having had to try and develop numerous casual games for the website, i cannot say that i am surprised thus far by facebook's complete lack of enthusiasm toward bothering about a patch for their application. They have never yet contacted my development team regarding ANY of the problems we have faced in trying to accommodate their subpar code.

    I really would not hold your breath, folks. Thank god it's a free app, because if you had paid for it, you would still be waiting.

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    pao (it) says:

    Same problem for me.. but 'fortunately' it's not just mine since i have bought my iPhone a few weeks ago!! Anyway.. I hate it -.-

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    ste says:

    Email delete and input again, afterwards the password input then functions it. with me it functioned

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    Jon says:

    I went to Facebook from the safari and loged in and then hit the option to get Facebook mobile and then it started working agin

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    Kota says:

    Had the same problem, but then i noticed I had an update I had to do, so I went to the AppStore to install it… the AppStore wasn't working & it told me to check my time & date settings, when I checked it, it was all of a sudden set for jan 1/1970. after I fixed it, I went back to the facebook app, without updating; the message still popped up, but after I pressed ok it started to work.

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