Easy iOS Download with ipswDownloader for Windows

For those of you out there that search the internet for iOS firmware downloads, we bring you a nifty tool that will enable you to find and download firmware in minutes.

The ipswDownloader was initially developed for the Mac to enable the user to manually download almost any iOS firmware version for their iOS Device and the only downside was that it was only available on the Mac. However, that has now all changed, as Ryan Burke (@ryanb93) was able to port the software for use on Windows, so now Windows users can also have the benefit of being able to download firmware with this easy tool.

The initial Windows version released doesn’t yet include all the features of its Mac counterpart. In a quote, coming to us by way of IPD from RazorianFly, Ryan states, “I’ve ported over ipswDownloader from Mac to Windows, its initial release doesn’t include all the features of the OSX version but I’m working on adding them in the future.”

So if you are a Windows user and you want to find and download specific versions of iOS firmware with ease, then why not download the free Windows version of ipswDownloader here. Just to remind you that when Apple updates iOS, iTunes will automatically download new firmware.

If you download either the Windows or Mac version of ipswDownloader, please let us know what you think.


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