iPhone Tracker App for Child Immunisation

I’m sure Apple are getting fed up with the word ‘tracker’ being associated with their devices, but on this occasion they have nothing to worry about, as it refers to an iOs app that helps parents in Ireland monitor their child’s immunisation.

It can be very hard for parents to keep note on when their baby is due its vaccines, especially within the in first 12 months of the child’s birth when multiple vaccines are due. However, to ease what is an essential but challenging task the Irishhealth.com have developed the Child Immunisation Tracker app.

This app was developed to help parents living in Ireland ensure that their new family member is protected against a range of life-threatening diseases to which young children and especially infants are most susceptible. When vaccines are due, the app sends ‘push’ reminders to your iPhone.

The app provides lots of information on childhood diseases and the vaccines used to prevent them and has an exclusive feature that, in the event of a disease outbreak e.g. measles or swine flu, Irishhealth.com can send an instant ‘alert’ via the app to all parents. The app also includes reminders for 12-13 year old schoolgirls of the Cervical Cancer vaccine, which was recently launched in Ireland.

It takes no more than two minutes to set up a new child’s record and each record can be customized with the child’s photo if you wish, and their blood group (if known) as well as recording your GP’s phone number, so you can call your GP directly from the app and set up your next appointment. There is also a ‘live’ feed, which informs parents of any breaking news stories on child health.

The data used in this service is based on the current guidelines from the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and is only intended for parents of children in the Republic of Ireland. So if you live in Ireland and want to keep on top of your child’s immunisation, head on over to iTunes and download this app, which is available free of charge thanks to the support of Aptamil.

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