Gold & Silver Price Live App: Dealers Prices Today

If you would like to know about gold prices then this superb app for iOS devices called “Gold Price Live” is the one you should be installing right now.

This is a free app that has been released by one of the best gold websites aka goldprice.org, this app contains many features to keep you updated in real time and historical silver and gold price charts in your national currency.

Main Features Include: Live Silver and Gold Price charts in 26 national currencies, charts automatically refresh, prices update every 1 minute, Gold Price Charts in many different currencies, Compare prices of all types of gold and silver bullion, Compare prices of US gold dealers, Click on the gold dealers phone numbers, Save your favourite charts collection and so much more.

Gold Price Live has so many features and we suggest you heading on over to iTunes to download right now, a free and very informative app is something you really cannot miss out on.

If you already have this application installed on your iOS device please do send in your personal reviews, as they are very important to us. Thanks

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