iPad 2 India Release Date & Prices

For anyone over in India who has been patiently awaiting the release of Apple’s second-generation iOS tablet, Apple has finally announced when the Apple iPad 2 will be released for purchase by the Indian populace.

According to an article over on Ciol, the Apple iPad 2 will release in India as of Friday the 29th of April at 9AM local time via authorised retailers commanding a price rage starting at Rs. 29500 rising up to Rs. 46900.

Here’s the prices for the iPad 2 in India…16GB WiFi-only Rs. 29500, 32GB WiFi-only Rs. 34500, 64GB WiFi-only Rs. 39500. For the WiFi and 3G Apple iPad 2 the prices are…16GB Rs. 36900, 32GB Rs. 41900 and for the 64GB Rs. 46900.

The Apple iPad 2 will also release in Japan on the 28th while Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea will see the iPad 2 on the 29th the same as India, while the tablet will be released in China as of the 6th of May.

So there you have it, the wait for the Apple iPad 2 to come to India is finally over, so any of our Indian readers going to be lining up to snap up the iPad 2?

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