Verizon Working on Fixing 4G LTE Outage

Well obviously those over in the good ole US of A on the Verizon network already know that Verizon has been having a spot of bother with their 4G LTE network in as much as it has been experiencing an outage since early Wednesday.

Verizon has confirmed there is a problem with the LTE network and according to Intomobile, Verizon has confirmed that such 4G enabled devices as the HTC Thunderbolt are currently unable to make calls however data connectivity is limited to 1xRRT connections.

Apparently Reuters is reporting that Verizon announced via their Twitter account that they have now determined the cause of the outage and are currently working with major vendors to solve the problem.

However, the Big Red didn’t say what caused the 4G LTE outage and have not given a timeframe for when the network will be back up and running normally as apparently fixing the problem is more “arduous than expected.”

Have any of our readers been affected by the Verizon 4G LTE outage? If so feel free to vent your annoyance to our comments area below.