Apple iPad 2 Alternatives from Android

In Singapore, the Apple iPad 2 has now become available and obviously hogged all the tablet limelight but several Android based tablets also released in Singapore at the same time that could well prove an alternative to the iOS tablet.

Thus Asia One News has given a bit of coverage to those just released Android tablets in Singapore, and at the head of the list is the Acer Iconia Tab 500 followed by the Android 3.0 Honeycomb packing Motorola Xoom.

Other Android tablets launched are the Sony S1 and S2 along with the HTC Flyer. The Acer Iconia and Motorola Xoom share similar features and are both 10.1-inch tablets with dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.

The Sony S1 offers a 9.4-inch display and is optimised for media entertainment, which the Sony S2 sports twin 5.5-inch displays and can be folded like a notebook, both devices run Android 3.0 Honeycomb and are compatible with 3G/4G and WiFi.

Lastly there’s the 7-inch HTC Flyer, which no doubt many are aware of, Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet with both a pen and touch interface.

Price wise the Acer Inconia has a price tag of $799, the Motorola Xoom is $888; the HTC Flyer costs $1068 and both the Sony tablets have yet to be priced.

So there are 5 alternative Android tablets, but will they do better against the Apple iPad 2 in Singapore? Only time will tell.


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  1. I think it is also important to raise awareness regarding Apple's scams and abuses related to mobile application and digital entertainment markets, their strategy to destroy the web by pushing HTML5 (which they do not truly support and implement themselves) in order to kick users out of the web into Apple's walled garden taxed at 30% is outrageous! Apple's ban of Flash is not acceptable, turning consumers and developers into collateral damages in a corporate war is not acceptable.

    I invite you to read my email sent to Steve Jobs this week in response to his "Thought on Flash" posted on Apple's website last year:

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    SurfsWaves says:

    It must be hard being a Flash developer and seeing that all your knowledge is becoming irrelevant. But rather that being bitter why not become conversant with HTML5 since it is the future.

    Incidentally Apple's 30% "tax" at their Appstore is normally called a "profit margin". You see when you have a store you cannot sell things at cost because there is this thing called overhead. And for app developers using Apples store brings in a lot more customers and is a lot cheaper than setting up your own store. I know this as a fact since I am writing this from my new vacation home I bought in part with the 70% if got from my successful app at Apple's store.

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